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Want to submit content to

We've had several people ask about submitting content to, and we thank you for your inquiries. It's our pleasure to share content contributions with our readers. If you're interested in contributing content, please contact us via email.

For new readers, and those interested in this opportunity, this blog serves as a resource to increase and "focus" awareness on patient safety information, programs, developments and solutions.

We're very interested in content that covers new patient safety studies, developments, practices and solutions. Patient Safety is a big area and can cover many areas, such as: preventable medical errors, hospital-acquired infections, infection control, hand hygiene compliance and patient safety incidents.

The content should be targeted to our audiences which span hospital administrators and caregivers who are looking for new ways to improve their patient safety practices, press professionals seeking current information in the patient safety arena, patient safety advocates who are also working for change, and consumers interested in patient safety statistics and developments.

Each submission will be reviewed to ensure its in-line for our readers and all submissions will feature your name, your organization's name and URL. Please contact us at this email. Thank you!


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